Connect the Hue Tap

First of all, I am really impressed by the “new” Hue binding. It is really a big leap compared to the old one.
I just have one Problem

Everywhere in the documentation is mentioned that the Hue Tap is supported. But somehow it is not discovered in Paper UI. And when I try to add it manually (via Paper UI) there is now Hue Tap option in the list. Did I miss something?

Thank you for your help


I’m pretty sure I’ve read threads where folks have gotten usefulness out of the Hue Tap within OpenHAB. Do you use the Hue phone app? Have you set the Tap up in the Hue app? I think that would be my first step. Point is… this device is powered by kinetic energy, in other words, you pushing the buttons is what generates the electrical power the device runs on. So, it is not like a battery device which needs woken numerous times to be properly discovered. Stupid question but have you tried pushing the buttons numerous times while discovery runs? I’m guessing here, I do not own one of these devices.
Also, threads I’ve read about getting it working in OpenHAB may not have been using the Hue binding, they may have just been accessing the device with just a zigbee dongle

It is not available in 2.4 stable.