Connect to tcp socket for request/response openhab 3

How can I talk to a tcp socket for a simple json request/response using openhab 3.

I have a homegrown internal IOT setup that I have put together over the years from devices like RS232 serial connected Microchip 1684 to ethernet arduino nano to wifi wemos boards. I have alway done straight request/response devices so all my devices are controlled by a simple C program but can be controlled via any programming language due to the simple json request/response interface. eg: via shell:

$ echo ‘{ “cmd” : “ON”, “channel” : 0, “time” : 30 }’ | nc -w 2 relay1 2000
{“result”: 0, “error” : “OK” }
$ echo ‘{ “cmd” : “STATUS”, “channel” : 0 }’ | nc -w 2 relay1 2000
{“result”: 0, “error” : “OK”, “state”: 1, “remain”: 25 }

I am on an expansion plan now so to try and make my life easier I have installed openhab 3 on a RPI3 B+. I have configured a basic setup using the UI with a dummy thing using the mqtt_binding that I can control with the mosquito_[sub|pub] CLI commands but now I am stuck on how to talk to all my existing devices. Is there a basic tcp request/response binding that I missed or some other binding that would be appropriate.
I know I can reflash some devices with more generic code like tasmota but this isnt a solution to all.

For a similar case that I have I am using the execututeCommandLine command to call a shell script.
You also may have a look at the exec binding.

After a whole bunch more research I did come across the Exec binding so if thats the only option then I will take a look.


The REST API uses http and JSON. If that helps. The UI uses the API.

Ok, I now have a simple script that does the following:

/usr/local/bin/sdevice ON
/usr/local/bin/sdevice STAT
/usr/local/bin/sdevice OFF

As I have no openhab2 experience so I am trying to use the UI to configure my exec bindings but have failed dismally. I created 2 things using the exec binding using the following:

Label Device On
Command /usr/local/bin/sdevice ON
Transform REGEX((.*))
Interval 0
Timeout 15
Autorun off

and another…

Label Device On
Command /usr/local/bin/sdevice OFF
Transform REGEX((.*))
Interval 0
Timeout 15
Autorun off

I have set up the misc/exec.whitelist as defined in doco. I dont think I need any channels…
I am now trying to work out what to do for the items to make my script work as a switch but nothing I try runs the script and no events in the log.

OOPS… Sorry for the shouting, I used a ‘#’ as a unix prompt…

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