Connect ZigBee CC2531 with Hue light

I am new to Zigbee and openHub,and i am d trying to connect the CC2531 with Hue light.
This is the scenario :

  1. Opened the openHub with PaperUI.
  2. Installed the Zigbee Binding
  3. Added the CC2531 as a Thing.
  4. Went to Inbox
  5. search for thing
    and i can’t find the Hue light
    i tried to reset {“touchlink”:true} with the Hue bridge but still the dongle is not connecting
    The dongle is flashed with CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex
    Does somebody know how to connect between them?
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Any luck on this? Did the following and i’m where you are.

Me too.

+1 :confused: