Connected robot vacuum

I am looking for a good robot vacuum cleaner that I can integrate with Openhab. What I really want is to be able to enable/disable the schedule (or change it) from openhab or prevent it from cleaning if the alarm is on for example. So basically control the scheduling more or less. Of course I want something that uses LIDAR for navigation, and my price range is around 500€ (less proffered of course). Will maybe try to nab something during cyber monday.

Which ones work well with Openhab and aren’t too much of a hassle to set up? Roomba? Neato? Roborock? These seem to be the most popular it would seem.

I currently have an old Roomba 500 series, and I really don’t have any complaints with it - cleans well and has been working fine for about 10 years now (using the third battery). But I do want something with some connectivity options. Not sure if I will replace it yet - that will be based on the advice given by you. But I am thinking about it.

My Xiaomi Vacuum 1 is doing a really good job. I disabled the schedule from the Home App itself and I’m now turning it on from Openhab, as soon as we both leave the house and the vacuum hasn’t been on for at least 1 day. The Roborock S6 (with mob) and S4 even give you the option to clean a specific room and set virtual walls. A cheaper alternative would be the 1S. All of them work great with Openhab.

Edit: double checking and I don’t see the S4 as a supported device, the s5 is supported and of course the first version. If you need mobbing capabilities, I would go for the s5

Thanks! I was looking at either Roborock S5 or S6 (still can’t actually figure out if there is much difference between them). I like them because they offer mopping and they are cheap (especially the S5).

What about newer Roombas or Neatos? Does anyone have any experience with those?

It is an excellent idea with Smart Clean Guide. I love the things that make a turning point in technology. How can I contact you?. is a community sharing about Shark, Dyson, Bissell, Roomba vacuum cleaners.

I got an S5 Max and it integrated with OH just fine.
Heard the new S7 with stationary dust bin is a bit better, though also more pricy.