ConnectedCar Plugin brakes all other bindings

When I install the ConnectedCar Plugin (org.openhab.binding.connectedcar-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) from

The Binding for ConnectedCar is functional and I got this to work and got some data out of the VW cloud.

But all other bindings where gone and I can’t install them again. The installation is never ending.
When I remove the ConnectedCar Plugin from the filesystem and restart OH3 I can re-install the other bindings without problems.

Nothing was written to the log, regarding my problems.

OH3, Version 3.2.0 on openhabian on Rasperry Pi 4

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Got it fixed. I had a second stop of openHAB, cleaned a second time the cache and restarted openHAB. There they are, all bindings are back again, fully functional.