Connecting my heat pump „iDM Terra ML Complete HGL“ to OpenHAB 2 using MODBUS via node-red

Hi together,

I’m not sure if it’s allowed to post external links here, but I’ve written a short tutorial on my blog on how to connect an iDM Terra ML Complete HGL heat pump via node-red to OpenHAB.

If tutorials on external pages are not allowed, please delete the post.

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Hi Tom,
do you have any suggestion? i read your linked guide


Hi Tom!

Thanks for your work and short tutorial on your blog site. I just read through but did not try on my own so far. I need some more time therefore, but first I would like to ask you some questions:

As I have also an IDM heat pump (not Terra, but Aero ILM), I would like to integrate it into my openhab. I hope it should not matter if the system is Aero instead of Terra…

My questions to you would be:

  • My heat pump system is connected via a LAN-cable with my home network. Is this enough or do I need any other wires to the system?
  • Is my understanding correct, that the tool “node-red” helps in a way to reading out the API of any system which can provide data, like here the heat pump?

Thank you!
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