Connecting to a KNX IP Gateway with KNX Secure

I am trying to connect to my KNX Router, which is set up in secure mode.
I am unable to connect as I can’t provide the “secure” credentials.

WIthout secure it works, but I would like to use the secure methods?

Googeling with “OpenHAB KNX Secure” did not yield any helpful material.

Any help would be appreciated.


Not a single reply to this since april ?!
Since i ordered a new knx ip router I would be interested too, but i guess the knx-binding does not support secure telegrams and connections, right?

There is an issue on github openhab-addons:

Holger Friedrich is working on it, but it’s far from finished.

This PR also requires Calimero (KNX library used by OH) to release a stable version of there v2.5.