Connecting to Alexa in Australia

Hi, I am trying to connect to Alexa from OH2 using the binding. Using the page pi:8080/amazonechocontrol/xxxxxxx as displayed i get a Error 500 page.
My Alexa is registered at and the binding appears to presume that it is at by the error message>
org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol.internal.HttpException: POST url ‘’ failed: Found

Anyone else able to solve this situation?

hey there, ive got the exact same issue, openhab cloud is connected to alexa ok, our amazon account has the openhab addon linked fine, but openhab on the pi is trying to connect to, and not…

our account only works with site…

did you get yours sorted out?

anyone else have a solution?

i was thinking if i changed the sites listed in the connection.class file in the amazonalexacontrol.json file might fix it, but im new to all this and im having trouble editing the .json file

thanks matt