Connection Lost habpanel?

I am getting this message in the bottom left corner of my habpanel screen.
“Connection Lost! Trying to reconnect”.

I too am getting this almost every day now. Something has changed :frowning: my network is fine

I have a feeling its caused by one of the bindings. which ones are you using?

loads, zwave, unifi, network, systeminfo, kodi, yamaha and a few others

Did you notice the connection error following the install?

Or was it after you added a few things?

Ive been using the app for months, now its unusable on my Tablet at home :frowning:

Do you mean the habpanel webinterface or the habpanel viewer app? In the latter case, this topic might be relevant:

Im not sure what the difference is between the web interface and habpanel viewer.

I get that message when I have Habpanel open while restarting the Openhab server.
Can you elaborate a bit more? Do you open Habpanel on the same machine that runs Openhab? If so, do you directly link to localhost or do you use a local IP?

Is there anything noticable in the logs when you get this message?

I am running my openhab server on a UBUNTU 16 Virtual machine. Im accessing the habpanel via its ip address. Where are the reverent log files located?

In either userdata/log or /var/log/openhab2.
If you are accessing it via the ip address, you shouldn’t exclude your local network as one of the possible causes.
(I’m not exactly sure how habpanel deals with temporarily losing connection to the server)

HabPanel makes opens a connection to OH /rest/events through EventSource

Any disconnection to this will make HabPanel think OH is offline until it is able to connect again.

I do see this message in HPV when javascript is disabled. See if javascript is enabled in the preferences. If it is, try to disable and enable it and see if this changes things.

I’m getting this too - I wonder if one of the bindings is a common denominator here?
I fee like the like candidates are Kodi, Yamaha or Xiaomi.