Connection Refused after base installation

Hi, I have tried to setup OpenHAB for the first time and followed the Wiki instructions for the apt-get installation. Seems I miss out on something very basic. I can’t even browse the side. I always get a connection refused, not even the 505 error, when I open the site on port 8080. I’m using ubuntu server on virtual box. The service is running and the server listens to all ports. Do I need to configure a user or enable the web server somewhere?

May sound silly; but did you actually start openHAB after the installation?
Like so: sudo systemctl start openhab
In case you did, see whether you can establish a terminal session to the server; if not you have a ‘bigger’ problem, as in, networking might not work, etc.

I don’t know if the web server starts up if you don’t have a sitemap.

What network interface are you using for VirtualBox? I know the default interface does not allow connections from external machines.

I’m having the same problem.
I’m running OpenHAB on a virtual machine. OpenHAB is running OK but can’t reach the server from my web browser on port 8080.
Probably is a noob issue about some configuration I’m missing,
Someone can help?