Connection to myopenhab crash when emailing via mail binding

is anyone out there with the same (reproduceable) problem:
when starting rule (rule-dsl) with sending an email (mail binding) the connection to myopenhab crashes.
Several hours later I get a new connection (as far as I see, I also get a new IP [Router with UMTS-Stick]).
Email (via gmail) is send out well. Myopenhab is also working fine when using without activating switches and activating a rule with integrated email-sendout.

Is it an special problem in my openHAB3 (64bit) edition, or do you have seen the same problem in your official build?

Thanks for your response!

Based on your username, I assume you’re referring to the 64bit openHABian image, which is not the same as openHAB 3. openHAB 3 is software that runs on Raspberry Pi OS, and openHABian is a customized version of Raspberry Pi OS that includes OH3 (or OH2 if one prefers).

If you are using the 64bit version of openHABian, then you should be aware that it’s not supported.

64 bit?

RPi3 and 4 have a 64 bit processor and you may want to run openHAB in 64 bit. We provide a 64bit version of the image but it is unsupported so use it at your own risk. Please don’t ask for support if it does not work for you. It’s just provided as-is. Be aware that to run in 64 bit has a major drawback: increased memory usage. That is not a good idea on a heavily memory constrained platform like a RPi. Also remember openHABian makes use of Raspberry Pi OS which as per today still is a 32 bit OS. We are closely observing development and will adapt openHABian once it will reliably work on 64 bit.

On x86 hardware, 64 bit is the standard.

If you haven’t found anyone else talking about this issue when searching the forum, then there are reasonable odds that it’s a 64bit problem. It might be a problem with OH3 in general, but the fact that you’re running the 64bit image makes it very difficult to determine that.

Hopefully I’m wrong and someone else pops up to say, “yes, I know how to fix it”. But if not, then I’d recommend that you put the 32bit openHABian on a new SD card, import your OH3 settings, and see if the same thing happens. That gives us a better starting point.

is there any report about the crash in the /var/log/openhab/openhab.log and/or system log files that would help to further track down / identify the root cause ?

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