Consider conditions (quick question)

When creating a rule using paperui what is the consider conditions option and what does it do

I have just been enabling it on some rules and not on others but can’t work out what it does

The “when” part lists the events that need to occur to trigger the Rule. The “conditions” section list all the states that must be true for the rule to execute.


    MyItem1 received a command OR
    MyItem2 changed
    MyItem3.state == ON

will trigger the rule when MyItem1 receives a command OR MyItem 2 changes but only if MyItem3 is ON.

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What happens if you set it too off

Set which Item to OFF?

It’s an option when you ask a rule to run another rule

By any chance could you also tell me what the operators do i understand a couple

I don’t use and haven’t ever used the Experimental Rules engine but based on the description I’d say that it will execute the rule you are calling despite any Conditions it may have set in the “only if” section (or what ever the conditions section is called.

Those are standard comparison operators:

Look at the “C-Like” row of the “Standard relational operators” section of this wikipedia article.

Ok thanks for that