Constant "503 jersey not ready"

Restore done. Openhab is starting automatically now. Still some errors in the log.

log pulled after restore. (restore restart service to check if working then restart and edit item file to remove duplicate followed by another restart and a wait for everything to start)

Thank you again for your help with this.

Well, I know the restdocs moved and you were warned when upgrading. Here was the warning shown.

Warning: REST Docs: This add-on is now part of the UIs. When installing it using textual configuration, update ‘services/addons.cfg’ by removing ‘restdocs’ from ‘misc’ and add it to ‘ui’ instead.

I didn’t use text config but I’m guessing I need to remove it from the addons.cfg file? Just open that file as sudo and delete the restdocs line? And anything about the yahoo weather? I uninstalled the rest docs thru paperui already but apparently it didn’t do it right.

There is nothing in my addons.cfg about either rest or Yahoo. In fact the entire file is commented out on every line and last modify date points to when I installed the software almost a year ago.

On the topic of logs - is the amount of “info” items in the log normal? And does openhab trim the log file after a certain period? Just wondering if I need to change anything or delete files periodically.

Not sure where else to look to remove the restdocs and yahoo errors.

The system appears to be running normally but I want to be sure everything is stable while I have a day off to work with it. (Spouse acceptance factor is a real thing and I want to be as sure as possible I don’t get calls about it not working while I’m out of town.)



I know of three places where to look:

  1. remove this file
    userdata/config/org/openhab/addons.config and restart openHAB (or if you are experienced enough stop openHAB and edit the file manually (remove rest docs and yahoo), then save and start openHAB.)

  2. log into Karaf and execute bundle:list. You will find the bundle number for rest docs and yahoo, then execute bundle:uninstall xxx, where xxx is the exact number you found through bundle:list

  3. Clear the cache

One or any combination of the three options should solve your problem.

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Still too many errors. You should remove the arping config from your network (?) binding or install the arping command.

How would I do that? Just uninstall and reinstall the network binding? (I’m not actually using the network binding right now but was considering using it for presence change detection to turn on some lights.)

Karafe bundle:list did not list restdocs or Yahoo.

don’t worry about editing it, just delete this file and restart OpenHab
remove network binding for now, fix it up later


If none of those options helped I am out of ideas, sorry.

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Deleted addons.config and uninstalled the network binding for now.
Log looks a lot cleaner.

Still shows a duplicate item in my items list - gonna fix that (access to the computer is difficult it’s on a shelf in a corner of a closet with the rest of my networking gear - best placement for signal but terrible for access)

After 2 reboots it is still starting up fine and the only error is the one in the last log I posted - it repeats every time the service starts. But only once each time. I have a couple of zigbee items that are odd. One is a light that for some reason will not stay connected in the corner I need it in. (Oddly it connects fine and stays connected in the other corner of the room which is actually further from the hub and from any item which can be a repeater.) The other is a remote that is not actually supported yet.

I am letting this run for a day or two to see if errors crop up then I’ll mark it as solved.

Thanks in particular to @sihui for all the help on this.


I am marking this as solved.
Solution was as follows:
Clear cache - uninstall unused bindings - backup and reinstall openhab using commands above. With a check for proper functioning between each step.

I am having an issue with my thermostat not connecting properly to Google assistant but I believe that is due to the ongoing work on that connection on GitHub. I will be posting in the proper section to try and fix it. If anybody reads this here in the next couple days and has a solution feel free to post it and tag me.

Please do that.

I apologise. I thought I did hit the button.

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