Contact item can't read out the GPIO pin

Hi i have openhab2 on my raspberry pi 3 and i’d like to read out the state of gpio pin 29 (just if on or off)

the gpio is connected to a voltage divider, which can set the pin to high or low

and if i type in the console “gpio read 29” everything is perfect, if the pin is high it says 1 and the other way round

i have a Contact in my items file set up

Contact pcstatus “Der Computer ist [%s]” { gpio=“pin:29 force:yes” debounce:10 }

(of course correctly set up in the sitemap)

the problem is that it does always say open even if the pin changes from high to low

i do also switch some gpio pins (as output) but with the rules set up as the following one

rule "deskpowerON"
Item deskpower changed to ON
executeCommandLine(“gpio -g write 6 0”)

so is it possible to let openhab read out the pin (with “gpio read 29”) and set the pin into a variable, with 1 as open and 0 as closed?