Contact item not rendered in Paper UI

Never noticed before, but it seems, that the state of a contact item like this:

Contact   KNXStatusmeldungen_Haustuer   "Haustür offen [%s]"  <door>  (gStatus) {channel="knx:device:bridge:statusmeldung:haustuer"}

is not rendered in Paper UI. I’ve found two (quite old) threads regarding this issue, e.g. this one:

I have to admit that I’m using Paper UI just for setup (as it is intended for :wink: ) and not for daily operation.

But I you have a look at the control tabs in the Paper UI it’s at least confusing that the states of contact items are not shown:

In the BasicUI it’s there, as expeted :wink:

Well, I can change the items to switch items, but this will lead to the risk of unintentially sending wrong status messages to the KNX bus.

So the question: Is it by intention/technical reason or have we spotted a (minor) flaw here?

(FTR: openHAB 2.4.0-release on Debian Stretch ESXi VM)