Contact sensor with openHAB

I am new to openHAB as well the whole IOT. For a start, I want to connect openHAB running on my local machine to a wireless contact (door or window) sensor. Any recommendations on the sensor hardware? Are there any generic third party wireless programmable sensors available for this? or should I be building something with Arduino board or something similar?
Thanks much!

If you are big on DIY electronics, coding, and tinkering gow down the Arduino path. Otherwise go down an off-the-shelf path using zwave, Insteon or one of the other many supported technologies (see the right column of the wiki for a list of supported bindings).

I highly recommend downloading OH and the demo and experiment with the demo to learn your way around OH before committing too much money on a specific technology to make sure OH will do what you want.

Thanks Rich! I am thinking of going down the Aruino path especially with the projects available on