Contacts Value=OFF; Sitemap Switch is on

I have two types of contacts:
Ecolink and Aeon Labs x2 each
Both of them when i look at rest\items show value=OFF
When i go to the basic UI, two of the foiur(1 ecolink 1 aeon labs) show that it is on(the little slider switch is moved to the on position.
I have no idea why.
I’ve tried only having the icon defined at the item level or on item and sitemap level.

Switch EcoLinkContact2 { channel=“zwave:device:controller:node29:sensor_binary” }
Switch BRWindow2 { channel=“zwave:device:controller:node26:sensor_binary” }

Frame label=“Window Contacts” {
Switch item=BRWindow1 label=“BRWindow1 [%s]” icon=“contact”
Switch item=BRWindow2 label=“BRWindow2 [%s]” icon=“contact”
Switch item=EcoLinkContact2 label=“Kitchen Window [%s]” icon=“contact”

Even more confusing, i have this item:
Switch FrontDoorContact { channel=“zwave:device:controller:node13:sensor_binary” }
With this sitemap entry:
Text item=FrontDoorContact label=“Front Door Contact [%s]”

And it doesn’t have a switch it has a label “OFF”

Not sure why these 3 have switches and the other has a label.

I’m not positive but what I think is happening:

The icon “contact” only supports Contact Items, i.e. the Item with the states OPEN and CLOSED. You are using a Switch Item which has the states ON and OFF. I suspect that Basic UI is getting confused about which icon to use.

In your second problem, when you put an Item on the sitemap using Text, there is no controller Icon provided. Since you don’t define an icon to use no icon is provided.

Thanks Rich,

Whats weird is that icon is working with other contacts(one of each); its just those specific two.

I’ll look deeper and see what i find.


With regard to the second problem, i was under the impression the icons would bubble up from the item if not defined on the site map. Is that not correct. Seems like you can define an icon at the item level or the site map level or both.
In that second case, it’s defined at the item level.

They would but in this case you don’t define an icon on that Item nor do you provide one at the sitemap level and the Text element will not assume a default icon like some of the other elements will.

Gotcha. I guess i’m also intermixing terms here. My concern wasn’t for the “icon”…it was for the control itself.
It’s defined as switch, and there’s the little slider there set to on, when in fact the item data has OFF in it.
It is defined as a “switch” because for some reason moving to OH2 from OH1, the contacts now use On and off not open or closed…no idea why.

Switch BRWindow2 { channel=“zwave:device:controller:node26:sensor_binary” } i have less than greater than symbols here with switch in it but the html is cutting it out.

Switch item=BRWindow2 label=“BRWindow2 [%s]” icon=“switch”

For giggles, i changed one of them to switch.
You can see what i mean now

Now it all matches as switch, but the switch for Bedroom2 is still ON, while the data says it’s OFF.

“link”: “http://172.x.x.x.:8080/rest/items/BRWindow2”,
“state”: “OFF”,
“stateDescription”: {
“readOnly”: true,
“options”: [
“value”: “ON”,
“label”: “Triggered”
“value”: “OFF”,
“label”: “Untriggered”
“type”: “Switch”,
“name”: “BRWindow2”,
“category”: “switch”,
“tags”: [],
“groupNames”: []

Which version of OH 2?

daily build from like 3 nights ago i think.

keep in mind im a total noob; so I’m waiting for that “you’re an idiot moment” LOL I doubt it would be the software’s fault.

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