Contribution - LG ThinQ Binding

If I rember correct, adoptopenJDK is available as 32bit for raspbian and confirmed working for openHAB.

Thanks, I will look into it.

Sorry, it is Zulu17

There was a 32bits version of adoptopenJDK available for arm as well. I installed it, upgrade to OH4 and it’s working like a charm. I don’t know if Zulu is better or not… but for now, it’s working. Txs.

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If it works, don’t change it :wink:

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I used this binding for a long time without any problem. Today after an unexpected shutdown of my openhabian I had an error with the bridge thing telling me I have to remove the token to generate another one. I deleted the files in userdata/thinq but now I have the following error:
Generic Error in the LG API communication process

Tried almost everything (restart, delete of the bridge etc) without success.
Any suggestion?

I need more detail about the error (generally, aggregated messages in the log) to determine the real situation. But, based what you said, the exception should be:

  • Error Openning LGThinq Token File. Try to delete it (in data directory) to the bridge automatically recreate it.
  • Error Handling Token Configuration File.
  • or, Error refreshing LGThinq Token. Try to delete it (in data directory) to the bridge automatically recreate it.

Generally, the binding will complain about Token when its try to open the file, but it’s corrupted, or if LG API return an error code saying the token is invalid. For this cases, you must to:

  1. disable the bridge
  2. go to OH_USERDATE/thinq
  3. remove thinqbridge-<BRIDGE_NAME>.json
  4. enable the bridge

The file should be created again with a valid token.
Try it out and let me know if it works.

It was a time problem. After the restart the clock was not synchronized. I discovered the problem by putting the logs in TRACE mode. I had also to delete the dryer thing and rediscover it after I created a new thing for the bridge.
Thanks a lot