Contribution - LG Thinq [WasherDryer & DishWasher]

Do you mean, for OH4 ? If so, sure but I will care about this only when we have an OH4 stable version released. OH4 has some major technical changes that can impact the development till its not fully stable.

You should try to make a „hybrid“ version, working on both 3.x.x and 4.0.
That‘s what other developers already do.
Otherwise you will block users of your binding from upgrade once openHAB 4.0 is released.

Yes. Could be a good idea to provide a version compatible with the both version. However, I would have difficult to provide support for the binding working on OH4 & OH3 since I would have to maintain 2 tests environment (OH3 & OH4) for this.
So, I can provide that “hybrid”, but supporting issues confirmed in my OH3 test environment. Is it make sense ?

Honestly, while I understand why hybrid version, I think until we have a A) working 4.x B) Stable binding version published in OH, I wouldn’t sweat to much over it. This binding is under development and supporting 2 environnements when still trying to find out how to make the binding properly work can make massive change to a code which would result in replicating in the hybrid environnement. Only my 2 cents.

On another note, I found out my washer doesn’t update since the last version with the debug file I sent.

edit: Forget my last line, never received the email to try the new updated binding yesterday, doing it now

OK so I tested latest version. Washer now have all information properly! Just have to find now how to show the correct remaining time cause right now, it’s a full date string.

Dryer is another story though, it doesn’t seems to update and there’s nearly no information

Best case, there is only one file to add/change to have a version working on both, I will try to check next week.

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See my last reply to Nemer.
And to be honest, openHAB 4.0 is working already and there will be no binding released for openHAB 3.x. New bindings will only be reviewed under 4.0.


I can fix it !

Sorry, didn’t pay attention on your Dryer, only on the Washer :person_facepalming: . I will take a look on it !

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One more thing… notice these Washer channels are read-only (except stand-by) because simulates the dashboard of the device. But, if you turn on the remote start and turn off stand-by the channel group “Remote Start” will come up with custom channels attributes (depending on the Course set) then you can customize your cycle and fire Remote Start On/Off. Then the binding will start remotely your cycle (at least in theory :slight_smile: )
I appreciate if you can check this scenario.

Are you using sitemap here ? I’m trying to simulate but without success. Actually, DelayTime and RemainTime has the same type and display pattern (“%1$tH:%1$tM”) defined in the channels descriptor. Why are you having different behavior ? This channels was defined as DateTime only to be easier to do some automation based on them.

I’m using sitemap but nothing special in it. Here’s a screenshot of the thing

We can see here already the difference in values.

The item definition is the same

edit: I just created a new item, linked to same channel and it display properly… I don’t know what to say

re-edit: I just deleted both item and recreated the first one and it does the samething. Is there a memory in openhab based on the name? Because it doesn’t like if I name it the same as an old item

About the read only channel, I try them and yes, they are read only. But I’m not sure what “come up with custom channels attributes” mean. How do I put that in my sitemap? I never used the remote start feature cause I feel it’s useless, need to have the washer on for it, wish it could be remote poweron (like for after a cycle that hasn’t been unloaded, start a 5 min rinse just to prevent mold build-up in cloth).

I double this. I moved to OH4 in production. As stable as 3.4 (if not better). I second @nemer regarding dual dev environments - it is not fun. I completely stopped working in OH3.x dev.

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i ve got the latest with the fridge fix,my v2 washer is working great!..My v2 dryer is dead :slight_smile: no response ,no updates nothing.Lost the remote start channels too.It shows Online but nothing works.I removed everything delete binding,install new redescover all.Reboot didnt help.

I’m already working on it, @Constantinos_Contis. I will release the fix still today :wink:

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thnx mate you are wonderful,I am so exited with the fridge door thing :slight_smile: Is there a hope for actual current temperatures from fridge/freezer?

Do you mean… not the setpoint/target temperature, but the real instant temperature ? I don’t think LG Refrigerator has this kind of sensor available to collect this information.
Does your LG Thinq App provide this kind of information for your Refrigerator ?

yes that temps…My Lg Thinq app doent have door info either but with the binding it works nice!!!

I just notished that something is wrong with the way that show RemainingTime.App show 1:43 and binding show 00:01
EDIT: i notished that the 1 at 00:01 is in fact the hours so i think something is wrong formating the value…

Any news on the fix?Do you need any help for testing/debugging?