Contribution - LG Thinq [WasherDryer] [WIP]

Yes. I’m having some problems using DateTime because of some zones handling. So, I changed back do String (Remaining and Delay) then should be OK for no.
However you have to remove completely the itens linked to the channels, remove the device and discovery again.

Let me know if its OK right now.

This new version:

  • Dryer to work again and add new channels
  • Washer with some fixes (times format, auto-fill course selectable options in remote start, etc).
  • Washer V1 - Remote Start

Hi @nemer ,

could you please update your github repo with the latest version, so I can check for needed changes.
I have updated my development environment, so ready for action :wink:

seems ok now if i see something strange i ll report back

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Nice ! I updated the repo. I’m using 3.4.X branch.

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Hi folks. I released a new version of the binding with various fixes for Washer V1 (with binary data).
RemoteStart for this version implemented and tested with my mock. But, as the command is a quite complex bitmap to read and write, I don’t know if it works with the real device. So… if someone has this version of Washer, let me know if it’s working.


@nemer Good News from here, I successfully built a Binding version running at openHAB 4.0

There are just a couple of files which need a one-time change, afterwards you can build versions for openHAB 3.4.x and for openHAB 4.0 which just 2 different maven commands.

I will send you the details via DM.

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Awesome, @hmerk ! You are great!