Control a digital potentiometer

I would like to control the heating thermostat of the house from openhab.
What I need is a digital potentiometer to replace the manual one and then connect it to a esp8266 board and some code.

Is there any ready to clone solution out there that I can use like esphome with digital potentiometer support that works with openhab?

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I’m also searching for an solution, has anyone found something?

I end up using esphome with some coding. Works great!

Can you share your work here?

Does it work wireless? I’m very intrested in your solution…

I’m controlling an EC ventilation fan that uses 0-10V analog signal to control speed. The fan came with an analog potentiometer that could easily be removed or replaced with an external one.

I used a in conjunction with an ESP32 running ESPHome. See GP8403 Component — ESPHome . If you have an ESP32 dev board with pins, the included module wire with Dupont connectors can easily be connected - no soldering required.

Another option depending on your actual use case might be to use X9C Potentiometer Output — ESPHome instead.

Happy hacking!

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