Control currently playing tracks on Chromecast


My goal is to be able to control a chromecast enabled speaker, basically be able to skip to the next track. First of all I understand that this is not (yet) possible with the chromecast binding. So I’ve looked at pychromecast and castnow. I’m then able to play music. But my scenario is this.

I (or someone else) start a Spotify playlist from a device (phone or computer). I would then like to be able to skip to the next track from Openhab regardless of what is playing. But if I narrow the requirements, it would be to only control Spotify.

Is this possible?


This is as far as I know possible (at least it is with Google Play Music so it should be too with Spotify). I have developed a python script for MQTT usage for this, see here: Receive Chromecast state


Thank you. This looks interesting. I assume this works with Chromecast Audio as well? I am starting to learn how MQTT works (i have it on my Pi), as part of that, how would i get this feature to work (beginners version)?