Control from openhab fails

i finally flashed my sonoff basic r2 switch with tasmota firmware , and could control it from the tasmota web ui and also from my mqtt broker .
then , i turned to my home automation server in order to set up the item , sitemap , and rules ( as shown in the images ) .
on trying the switch from the openhab dashboard , it do nothing and doesn’t affect the state of the real device …
what’s the problem ??cvb nm, sda

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We can’t see your full Item configuration in your screenshot.

However, your sendCommand() functions probably aren’t correct. You’ll need something like:

sendCommand(sonoffbasicmo, ON)

However, this rule, if it worked, would probably send you into an endless loop, as you’re triggering and commanding the same item in the same rule!

If all you want to do is turn a light on and off, all you need to do is attach the switch in the sitemap to your Item, as you’ve done. No rules required.

(As an aside, your Item syntax is for the V1 version of the MQTT binding. Is that the version that you actually have installed?)

This is how I setup a Sonoff Basic flashed with Tasmota. Just ignore the temperature specific configurations. It requires V2 of the MQTT binding.