Control MYPV AC Thor via Openhab?

Hi there

i am thinking of upgrading my heating system with an AC Thor from mypv.

It requires a smart power meter which measures the actual power. This power is than used for the immersion heater.

I do not have a compatible Power Meter, but i can access the power from another source via openhab.
So i would like to send this power from openhab to the AC Thor, which would save me the costs for an additional power meter.
Was anybody capable of controlling such an AC Thor system via Openhab?

OK, i got a Documentation from the supplier and will now try the following Process:

I will send the actual power from Openhab per MQTT to an ESP8266
I will use this esp8266 to create a Modbus telegram and send it to the AC Thor system.

Wish me luck :smiley:

Sound feasible, good luck :four_leaf_clover:
And please document here for others wishing to heat with this systemđź‘Ť and I really like your way to shrink the system by a device.

I can recommend getting the data from the official power meter with the great smart meter binding as I noticed some variations between this and my sma smart home manager. Not big with huge numbers but the smaller the Watts the bigger the relative difference. And you always pay the official meter readings :sweat_smile:

Besides, I’d rather recommend a heat pump :grin:

Hi, I already use a powerfox device to track my energy consumption and read that data with openhab (http binding).

obviously, I do not want to spend additional money for a smart meter when it doesn’t give me additional functions. So faking a modbus device with an esp8266 was the obvious way to go.

I already have a heat pump , but it runs on another power meter than the PV plant, I have two power meters, one for the the “standard consumers” and one for the heat pump, ventilation and car charger. The PV plant only “powers” the standard consumers. So the PV power is not used by the heat pump, (at least from a financial point of view).

So I am investigation the possibility to support the heat pump with PV power.

The other option would be to install the power meters in a series configuration so that both power meters profits from the PV plant (which is probably the smarter option)

Supposing you live in Germany, a metering cascade would also be an option without requiring additional systems.

Yes yes, that was what i meant with a “series configuration” of the meters.

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Hi FiArne,
i am looking for the same thing - already some progress on your project?
Could the modbus binding also be a solution to control the AC Thor?