Control Panel not working

Hey guys
hoping some here can help me.
I have made a Demo item in paper ui:

But is still have nothing to control in my control tab or basic ui. Im not sure is this is because its not an actual controllable item yet or not but i have seen it be done.
My basic UI is also showing that i have no sitemaps but i have configured a site map by naming it home.
I don’t think Ive done it right.
Please some help!!!

In the Control section of the PaperUI you will only see Items that are linked to Channels of Things (openHAB 2.x concept).

You won’t be able to see there any Items that are linked to the older (1.x) bindings (like MQTT, KNX, etc)
You also won’t be able to see there any Items that are not linked to any binding (e.g. dummy Items)

post the contents of your sitemap file to check them.
keep in mind: use the same filename as the sitemap name.


sitemap HomeR label="HomeR" {
	Frame {
		Text label="Samsung TV"	icon="screen" {
			Text label="Test TV Control"