Control receiver with google assistant

Hello :slight_smile:

This items are functionnaly to openhab but not functionnaly in google assistant.
I can see this items in google assistant but nothings when i say in french: “Allume ampli salon”

Switch Ampli_salon “Power” (plug) [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“onkyo:onkyoUnsupported:6eb0d776-dcd7-76b9-74de-7609dcb9d56c:zone1#power” }
Dimmer Ampli_salon_volume “Volume” (plug) [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“onkyo:onkyoUnsupported:6eb0d776-dcd7-76b9-74de-7609dcb9d56c:zone1#volume” }

Have any ideas?

In Google does the name show as ampli salon or as power? I n my Google what is in the quotes is what shows.

I think the “_” in the name is causing the probl em. If the name ampli_salon is what shows in google.

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