Control Sonos Nightmode and DialogLevel


is their a method to control the nightmare and Dialoglevel? The Sonos-Binding can not control this function.

I found some SOAP Actions to control this, but how I can send it with openHAB?

Thanks Nils

Old topic, but still a valid question: is it possible to add option NightMode to the Sonos-binding?

Thank you for the link that gives me the information I needed to add these features in the Sonos binding.
I will update my PR and provide a new test version.
Any tester is welcome.

PR updated. Anyone that has skill to deploy a new test version of the binding and who owns a Playbar, Playbase or Beam is welcome to test the integratiuon of these new features. A test version is included in the PR

Night mode and speech enhancement are now included in 2.5 snapshots. Let me know if it is working.