Control Switch - Get KNX Switch Status for Hue Lamp using Vimar "KNX"

Hello experts,

I´m struggeling with Openhab 2 while trying to setup a control-switch based on my Vimar (“light KNX system”) wall switches.

I am already using KNX binding for all my lights and rollershutters. This is working fine.

So I am using ETS to find out the Source Address of the wall switch - in my case it´s 1.0.36 when I hit the button (on or off) - there is just this value in Vimar - no status address.

So I setup a new knx bridge things file in ROUTER mode (my other KNX Things file for lights/rollershutter is in TUNNEL mode):


Bridge knx:ip:RasPI [  

    Thing device generic [

       Type switch-control : switch_office    "Switch Office"	[ ga="1/0/36" ]


Switch switch_office "Switch Office" {channel="knx:device:RasPI:generic:switch_office" }

The thing is I get no updates on my item or in the logs. I just want to retrieve the information that the wall switch is pressed and work with that information to turn on e.g. some hue lights or anything else.

The only thing I get in the logs is that the Light was turned on because the actuator is already binded:

Licht_Buero changed from OFF to ON

Can somebody help me to get this to work?
Thank you.

Can nobody help me out with this issue here?

I tried almost everything to get this working - but sadly without success.

If you can contribute something - please - post it! Thank you

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