Control TRIAC dimmer with Arduino

Hi guys,

I have a 4 channel TRIAC dimmer which I would like to dim some lights with, I have been told that PMW using an Arduino is the best way to go so I bought an Arduino Ethernet.

Now I just need pointing in the right direction with the code, I have OH set up on a Raspberry Pi and I think I have that part covered, but I need help with writing the appropriate code on the Arduino.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Jack

You will probably have better luck with help posting to an Arduino forum. There are a few users on this forum who use Arduinos but they do not make up the majority of the users by any means.

I’m pretty sure there is an arduino library for that job. I guess, you would at least need mqtt for communication and pwm for dimming.

Thank you guys! I have found something a little closer to what I’m looking for on I really appreciate your help