Controle toshiba TV 40xv733 via OpenHAB


I want to control my old Toshiba via OpenHab (turn tv on and off, change channels and volumes etc etc).

On the long term I want to use Google Home to do this.

Can some tell me if that is possible and if yes what is the best way to start.
I have read that its possible using the Logitech Harmony but I dont want to spend 300€ for the hub etc, or is there also an cheaper option.

Many thanks for the help



No idea about the Harmony, but as long as the tv has an IR remote control there’s a fair chance you could control via openhab using a Black Bean IR blaster (from memory about $40). It’s a finicky setup though

ok thanks for your help. do you have any tutorials or how toes to do this things?

Have a look at this post:

Thanks this tutorials were a great help and I was able to get it working