Controlling a Standing Desk via keyboard keys on client computer?


I have been seaching for a solution to control my standing desk via my keyboard on my desktop, but I have not been able to find a solution yet.

My plan is to use OpenHab on a RPi2 or a HummingBoard (QuadCore) using GPIO and use the keyboard on my windows/linux client to kontrol the desk op and down.

Is it possible to control the standing desk via my usb keyboard plugged in to my desktop, using OpenHab on my RPi2?

In general this should be feasable.
What you need is some kind of tool which adds you special keyboard funktionalitly, e.g. calling a script/batch file. This file then could execute curl to send commands via REST to your openhab instance.

Are the manual controls so far away from your keyboard that you can’t just operate it directly?
Sorry just trying to understand why you’d like to add all this extra complexity?

I have a bad back, and when I reach for the control, I risk getting some nerves pinched, and that hurts alot