Controlling fgr 222 with fgs 222, is that possible?

Greetings all,
I decided to control my roller shutter through a fgr 222 and I have the following question:
I use a fgs 222 to control my ceiling lights and the question is if is there any way to control the fgr 222 with fgs 222? And more specific, using the wall switch to control the roller shutter relay like pressing the first button to open the roller and using the second button to close the shutter. I repeat that this double switch is already connected to a fgs 222 that controls the ceiling lights!
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the FGS222 does not support scene numbers (the FGS223 does) which would make it possible to double click the buttons to open/close your shutters. Single click would turn the lights ON/OFF.

I guess you don’t want to switch the lights if you need to open or close your rollershutters, though :grinning:

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Sup? Thanks man, u r always here :slight_smile: I think I have fgs223, so can you pls point me on how to use it scenes?
Maybe a double click to open 100% and a long press to open it as you wish as long as you keep the button pressed. Is that possible?

If you have the FGS223 you need to acitvate scenes by putting “15” into the config parameters 28 and 29.
Then link a number item to the scene_number channel:

Number FibFGS223_1_Scenes { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node30:scene_number" }

Then set up a rule on received update trigger like

Item FibFGS223_1_Scenes received update 1.0

Check your events.log for the available scene numbers, I think those are:

Switch 1 1xclick=1.0 ,2xclick=1.3,3xclick=1.4,press and hold=1.1
Switch 2 1xclick=2.0 ,2xclick=2.3,3xclick=2.4,press and hold=2.1

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Thanks sounds notbso complicated. The thing is that I’m gone from home for a while and all my systems are down. I’ll try this setup when I’ll be back.

Whats up?
Just installed my fgrm222 and now pressing the physical button up will go up all the way and for down the same.
In OH I have made a slider item and right now when moving the slider half way down let’s say will move the roller all way down so I can’t make it stop 20% or 50% or 95%! How can I do that?
Thanks for any tips

Going fine so far, what about you?

That’s the way it should be.

No idea. Check if you are using the correct channels:

I’m using a Rollershutter item and a switch for the sitemap, much more convenient:

I’m fine too thx for asking :slight_smile:
Can you open or close 50% let’s say your shutter? Or can you see the percentage?

Yes, if I hit the stop button at 50%

Yes, after it has updated the item state. So it is with a small delay, you cannot see the actual percentage while the shutter is moving.

What about using a selection item on your sitemap? You can define the usual opening/closing values and put those into that mapping definition:

Selection item=Your RollershutterItem label="Shutter" mappings=[0="0",15="15",25="25",35="35",45="45",55="55",65="65",75="75",85="85",95="95"]

So you have 3 buttons up, stop, down? Is there any possibility to use the slider? I would prefer the slider instead of 3 buttons because it gives the possibility to open or close the shutter whatever position you want. With buttons you have to wait near the shutter (or not) and to press stop … I don’t like this :frowning:
Can’t post my config (I’m not home) items now but later I’ll post it here to make an idea.
It’s a good idea with selection item and mappings but I don’t like to select the position, I just want to use the slider but maybe I could use this to make the shutter to open or close its self depending the day hour. There’s much discuss but first I need to find a way to use the slider or a similar option.
Thanks, I’ll be back later today.

Yes. But I rarely use them because the shutters are opened and closed through the Astro binding.

I don’t think the slider can sent a stop command, so that is the reason why it opens or closes all the way to the endstop.

I also want to use this Astro binding but to open it partially. At 7 o’clock to open it 20%, at 8: 50%, 9: 100%. Can you please share your config or point me a discussion about this here?

You can send any percentage value to your item linked to the blinds_control channel:

rule "move shutters "
		Channel 'astro:sun:home:rise#event' triggered START

Thanks for the eg.
during these days i’ve been reading on here about this trying to find an answer to my needs.

my items:
Rollershutter bedroom_shutter "Rulou dormitor [%d %%]" {zwave="7:command=switch_multilevel,invert_state=false,invert_percent=true"} Rollershutter bedroom_shutter_position "Pozitie rulou [%d %%]" {zwave="7:command=MANUFACTURER_PROPRIETARY,type=shutter"}

Switch item=bedroom_shutter icon="rollershutter" Text item=bedroom_shutter_position

rule just to check it tomorow morning:
rule "move shutters " when Channel 'astro:sun:home:rise#event' triggered START then bedroom_shutter.sendCommand(50) end

the prolem is that the percentage of the roller position is not showing anything. i only see -%

another yhing would be to use a specific dayhour to move the roller

and finally i understood i cannot use the slider item for the rollershutter ut in the end the switch is not so bad.

any hint would be appreciated.

You are using openHAB1 config definition, you need to use openHAB2 channel definitions (if you are on openHAB2.x):

Rollershutter bedroom_shutter "Rulou dormitor [%d %%]" { channel="zwave:device:your_controller_id:node7:blinds_control" }

The invert_percent=true needs to be set in the blinds_control channel:


Use a cron trigger:

i’m using OH1x why you say i need to use OH2x? this percentage cant be used in OH1?
I think there is something inverted in my connections because i saw that the icon and the roller arrows are inverted in the sitemap like if i press UP the roller it goes down and this is because of the connections in the phisical button or it can be set changing invert_state=false,invert_percent=true to invert_state=true,invert_percent=false, is that ok?
about cron trigger i’l read more, it has to be simple :slight_smile: i don’t need a long big complicated rule as i saw on some guys here :blush:
thanks man

You did not tell us, how should I know???

Sorry, don’t remember, it’s too long ago that I’ve used openHAB1.

Please don’t try to use my Astro rule example above, in openHAB1 this works completely different.

Man still struggling with FGS223 in order to move up/down the roller.
what i did till now:

  1. using paper ui i put 15 to parameter 28 and 29
  2. i made an number item:
    Number FibFGS223_1_Scenes { channel="zwave:device:1503f015:node6:scene_number" }
  3. i have 2 rules for up and down
   rule "FGS223 shutters up"
        Item FibFGS223_1_Scenes received update 1.1

and its not woring …
when i look into log pressing longtime on the each one of the 2 physical buttons of the fgs223 nothing is shown in the log!

Any idea?

The FGR222 does not need a long press to move the shutters up or down. A simple ON command from your FGS223 should do it (at least that is the case if you have physical switches connected to it). ON command on S1 moves up, ON command on S2 moves down (or vica versa).
Also try sending a percentage value to the shutters:


The direction depends on your wiring: 0 can be up or down :sunglasses: