Controlling hue, Osram and Yeelight in one group

I trying to control several light from both the hue binding,osram and the yeelight binding, but I find that the channels are completely different and I can’ control light of both types within a group.
Did anybody find a solution for this?
Im thinking about using screen for control but it makes the automation of different things much more difficult.
Please note that the Yeelight is not an official OH binding im using "org.openhab.binding.yeelight-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
I have problems with simple things as switching them off.
Yeelight uses a britness channel for this, while for hue and osram, I can use both the temperatur and color channel to do same.

Please post your Item, Group, and rules definitions. You can send OFF to a Color Item so you shouldn’t be messing with HSB values to turn the lights off anyway. The following should work and if it doesn’t an issue needs to be filed with the binding that it doesn’t work.

Group:Color MyLights
Color MyHueLight (MyLights)
Color MyOsramLight (MyLights)
Color MyYeelight (MyLights)


The whole point of OH Items is that it doesn’t matter what sorts of devices they are linked to, you should be able to treat them the same. But this means you have to use the Items as they are intended (i.e. use ON/OFF commands if you just want to turn them on or off, use PercentType if you just want to change the brightness, and use HSBType to change the color and brightness).

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