Controlling multiple host from 1 UI


I am kinda a new of the open hab protocol. I am looking for connection between multiple platforms.

I have a raspberry/expansionboard (with openhab) for my cool and warming functions of the house. Then i also have a second computer running open hab as controlling my radio streaming. This way i am able to achieve the highest quality audio with it (raspberry isn`t very well suited for this).

The problem is i would like to control these multiple platforms with 1 classic user interface.

Anybody has a solution for this connection?

Hopefully a solution that isnt limit to 2 platforms. I would be coming very flexible to connect multiple raspberrys this way.

gr. Marcel

The way OH is architected you get one UI per OH installation. So you need a way to get all the information into one central OH server.

The typical OH deployment has only one OH server running and if you have more than one platform, the other platforms report/react to that central OH server. Then all of your rules, persistence, and sitemap is centralized which makes sense for a Home Automation HA server because it needs to be able to implement logic with all the available information and all the available actuators.

This is the approach I use with my Pis reporting to the OH server over MQTT through a Python script.

However, again using MQTT, it is possible to link multiple OH instances together using the Event Bus configuration. However even here I’ve seen that the approach is typically to have a Master OH server which has all the Items for Itself as well as Items that represent all the Items in the other OH instances. You have to be very careful with this approach though in your naming because if you use identical names on both OH instances you can end up in an infinite loop (e.g. update the Item on one OH, update published to the bus, other OH updates its Item and publishes the update on the bus, first OH picks up the update and updates its Item, and on and on). On this Master OH server you would write a sitemap that includes everything.

Search the forum for “Event Bus” and you should see lots of discussion and several examples. Pay particular attention to the posting by watou who is probably the expert on this sort of deployment (he controls several OH instances several hundred miles apart from one master OH).

Hi Rich,

Very thanks for the detailed information you gave me.

I am going to experiment with it.

gr. Marcel