Controlling multiple things from a single habpanel widget

Pretty much as the title says really!

There are multiple instances where I may want to control multiple things from a single widget in HABPanel. The best and most obvious example of this is to have a single slider which can dim all three Philips Hue bulbs in one room - who would want to do them individually?!. I’ve looked at rules, and set up a rule so if bulb 1 turns on or off, bulb 2 and 3 will follow suit - and when it works, it takes 5-10+ seconds for bulbs 2 and 3 to respond. For dimming this is no good to me, I want all three to respond simultaniously (and ideally near-instantly, I don’t mind a second or so of delay but not 5-10 seconds)

So, what’s my best approach? It seems kind of odd that you can’t add multiple actions to a single widget directly in the GUI - is that a planned feature maybe?

Put them into a Group:Dimmer and put the that Group on your Habpanel. Any command sent to the Group will be forwarded to all the members of the Group.

Be aware though that this can overwhelm a lot of wireless technologies as it tries to send out too many commands at the same time. That might be what is going on here. If that is the case, you will need to continue to use your Rule but put a Thread::sleep between the commands. You will have to experiment with how long to sleep so you don’t overwhelm the technology you are connected to.