Controlling OpenHAB using Amazon Echo

So I have been trying to control the items connected to OpenHAB using Amazon Echo Amazon HA Bridge. I have been following this tutorial and my current issue is not understanding how to set the Vera Server URL, or Vera Request URL as I am not using one. I basically for now want to control the Philips Hue light paired with OpenHAB to be controlled using Amazon Echo.

I am not sure how to do the setup on this page:


I would suggest keeping OpenHAB on the standard port 8080, and starting the Amazon HA Bridge on 8081 (via –server.port=8081). Rather than using this configurator,html, setup the items directly on the Amazon HA Bridge via POST requests. Use postman to POST the item config to the Amazon Echo HA Bridge IP, as mentioned on Its been a while since I’ve done this, but basically each and every item you want to control can be defined this way. Do it once for a single item, get it working, and then rinse & repeat :slight_smile: The Philips Hue bridge detection happens automatically over uPNP, so you don’t need to specify its IP address with this - rather use the OpenHAB IP for on/off URLs. When you see ‘/CMD/?’ in the URL, this is an OpenHAB REST API call to issue a command.

I had this working OK for lights/dimmers as well as other more complex stuff via ‘virtual switches’ and OpenHAB rules, but decided instead to roll a new Amazon Echo ‘Skill’ which can do practically anything and provide verbal feedback along the way (much more than just ‘OK’ for every command). Check out Alexa-HA for more info.

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