Controlling smarthome device via amazon echo control binding?

Last year I bought some Gosund smart plugs (SP111) and I could easily flash them with tasmota and use them that way within openHAB.
This year I re-ordered them and they looked the same on the pictures, but obviously they’ve got now “EP2” as description and I wasn’t able to flash them (

So I was thinking, as I can control the smart plugs via my echos, if there’s a way to use amazon echo control Binding for that issue. So, is there some way to tell Alexa to control a device via openHAB? I could use a routine and use that, but I’ll have to add two routines per plug for ON and OFF.
The docs say something on "smartHomeDevice", but I don’t seem to activate this…


	Thing smartHomeDevice	smartPlugGosund	"Gosund" @ "living room" [id="Gosund"]

What "id"should I insert here? the Alexa name of the device? or where do I find this? I only find “amazon hardware” in http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/ ?

OK, I’ll answer myself.
As I will switch to openHAB3 soon and I’ll also switch from text-based configuration to UI-based configuration I added the items via paperUI.

  1. So, first of, I activated discovery for amazon echo control things:
Bridge amazonechocontrol:account:accountname "Amazon Account" [discoverSmartHome=3]

so with "discoverSmartHome=3" I now have all amazon devices echo devices on hand.

  1. Then I simply picked the Gosund-Device from the inbox and added it to my Things.
  2. Then I used the thing-definition for my items-file and ready I am.

Not pretty, as I mix now text configuration and UI-configuration, but it’ll do for the next couple weeks till oh3-stable! :wink: