Controlling Thermostatic Valve with Android App

Hi all,

I’ve just installed openHAB on my Synology DS918+ (DSM 6.2.1), I’ve added a Z-Wave Z-Wave Serial Controller, a Devolo Home Control Metering Plug and an Eurotronic Spirit Thermostatic Valve.

Both Things can be controlled over Paper UI. I’ve also installed the openHAB Android App. I can switch the Metering Plug On and Off with the App. However, I can’t set the Heating temperature set point, nor can I change the Thermostat Mode within the App. It seems as if the App can online show the status.

I’ve searched for over an hour now, but I can’t find a solution. To begin with I would just be happy, if I would be able to control the Themostat using the App, no fancy actions or anything. This would also be important to convince my main stakeholder (my wife) to keep supporting the project! :wink:

Hope someone can at least point me in the right direction or provide a link to the related documentation or a tutorial. Thanks in advance an my apologies if this is a stupid question.



Possible issues: and

Just checking: Does it work properly from BasicUI?

Can you post your Item + Sitemap configs (using Code Fences) plz?

Basic UI doesn’t show anything. It says “no sitemap defined”.
The App shows the installed things and when click on the valve, I can see the mode, set point etc., put I can’t edit the value. When I click on the value, nothing happens.
I can check the config later today, when I’m back home.

If you have no sitemap defined, the app shows a auto generated sitemap called “_default”. If you want to control the heating, you have to create a sitemap:

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve finally set up a sitemap with one item (my mobile phones online status) and it shows up in BASIC UI. Can you tell me how to set up an selection item for the thermostat mode and a selection for temperatur setpoint?


I think that it’s best if you read the info on the link that Markus provided.

You will re-use this knowledge later on when you develop your sitemap and include more and more elements.

The screenshot that you show is coming from the Control section of PaperUI
To create a Selection element with custom mappings, see this section on the already provided doc:

Thanks, I’ll try that. I was working through and that tutorial did only cover binary switches. Must have missed your link, sorry.
We’ll see how far I get, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last question :slight_smile:

Thanks to everybody for your patience!