Convert number


I am trying to connect my SolarEdge via Modbus TCP to my OH.

So far no problem and I can read the data via the sunspec protocol .

The location of the wattage output is displayed in the format e.g. 4580 .
The correct format should be 458.0 watts

Does anyone know how I can put this value .
Should this via a script or it can through the items.

My item is:Number I_AC_Power "Wattage_PV [%d Watt]" (Solaredge,emoncms) {modbus="slave3:0"}

Thanks for helping.

The modbus binding doesn’t support transforms so you will have to create a proxy Item and a rule to convert the value from I_AC_Power and post it to the Proxy Item.

Number  I_AC_Power  {modbus="slave3:0"}
Number I_AC_Power_Proxy "Wattage_PV [%d Watt]" (Solaredge,emoncms) 
rule "Update I_AC_Power_Proxy"
    Item I_AC_Power changed
    I_AC_Power_Proxy.sendCommand((I_AC_Power.state as DecimalType) / 10)

Only put the Proxy on your sitemap. If you have rules that do something based on the value of I_AC_Power, have them use the Proxy instead.

Thank you Rich…

Your awesome