Converting the Image from a Raspbi 3B+ to a Raspbi 4

Hey guys,
It’s been a long time since I’ve been really active.
My Setup run pretty much hasslefree for the past 2 Years and since I got some problems with the last stableversion I decided to update to a Raspbi 4/4GBs. Is it possible to convert the current Openhabian Image to the new Raspbi since the CPUs are slightly different?

No, probably not. As you site, the RPi 4 has a different CPU so it is not able to run the older versions of Raspbian. You’d need to download and install the new OS and migrate your config. Luckily openhab-cli backup and openhab-cli restore can handle that for the openHAB stuff. If you’ve done other configurations (not done through openhabian-config) or have a bunch of data stored in something like InfluxDB you’ll need to back it up and restore it manually. We can possibly help with that if you need it.

Okay, okay that’s what I thought but is there a hasslefree Raspi 4 Openhabian Image? Did search in the Openhab Docs, but didn’t find any in particular…
I programmed alot in Jython, therefore I’ll have to do alot of integration again - setting environment variables etc.

The issue is that Raspian Stretch isn’t compatible with the RPi4. However, the latest openhabian image is built on Raspian Buster, which runs on the RPi4 and on older models. You can get it straight from the downloads page, but here’s the Github link.

You could also try upgrading to Buster on your current RPi and then seeing what happens when you move it to the RPi4 (I recall some discussion about that in the community). The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work and you’re back to doing a fresh install. Of course, make a full backup first.

That’s a strange kinda question. You can use the current image to install on either RPi 3 or 4. No need to convert. CPUs are binary compatible.
You could even dist-upgrade to latest buster and plug your card into your Pi 4 although I wouldn’t recommend that and take the opportunity to start with a clean new system.