Cooper RFWC5 - Indicators working but no buttons

hey there,
I purchased a Cooper RFWC5 5 button scene controller and have been working on getting it integrated with OpenHAB 1.8. I’ve looked thu other posts on this device and have confirmed it is properly paired and recognized. I’ve updated to the latest build of Zwave binding ( and see it show up in HABmin correctly.

I’m not interested in the zwave scene functionality of the device, I’d like to use it to trigger rules in OpenHAB just as you would with a switch in the WebUI.

I’ve set my button items up as per this post

        Switch DR_Scene1 "Scene1" (scnCtrlAll) {zwave="16:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=1,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}
	Switch DR_Scene2 "Scene2" (scnCtrlAll) {zwave="16:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=2,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}
	Switch DR_Scene3 "Scene3" (scnCtrlAll) {zwave="16:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=3,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}
	Switch DR_Scene4 "Scene4" (scnCtrlAll) {zwave="16:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=4,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}
	Switch DR_scene5 "Scene5" (scnCtrlAll) {zwave="16:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=5,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE"}

and the indicator items as per this post

        Switch DR_Scene1i "Scene 1 LED" {zwave="16:command=INDICATOR,bit=0"}
	Switch DR_Scene2i "Scene 2 LED" {zwave="16:command=INDICATOR,bit=1"}
	Switch DR_Scene3i "Scene 3 LED" {zwave="16:command=INDICATOR,bit=2"}
	Switch DR_Scene4i "Scene 4 LED" {zwave="16:command=INDICATOR,bit=3"}
	Switch DR_Scene5i "Scene 5 LED" {zwave="16:command=INDICATOR,bit=4"}

The LED indicators turn on and off as they should when triggered by other rules or a switch on my sitemap. The buttons do not seem to do anything… not sure where to go next with this.

I’ve seen reference to changing class associations needed for other scene controllers here using zensys-tools but not sure if i’d have to do this for the RFWC5… just for giggles tried it and nothing.

my test rule is as follows: turn on the LED for scene5 when the button for Scene1 is pressed

rule "scene1"
		Item DR_Scene1 received update ON
			sendCommand(DR_Scene5i, ON)

when I press the Scene1 button, nothing happens - not even an event in the debug log that scrolls in the DOS window.

any idea on this? seems simple and I see others have had good luck with the device… not sure what I’m missing.