Copy Image item to new image item (Blockly)

Dear all,
i do have a camera on the front of my house.
In case the PIR motion sensor is triggered i am taking a snapshot which is saved to a image item.
Now i want to do a small history of the last 3 triggers.
Therefor i save the last 3 timestamps into 3 different date time items (working fine).
But i also want to save the last 3 images into 3 different image items (doesnt work).

Question is: How to “copy” the content of a image item to another image item?
I tried the following:

2023-11-28 15:35:46.124 [WARN ] [rnal.defaultscope.ScriptBusEventImpl] - State 'raw type (image/jpeg): 228194 bytes' cannot be parsed for item 'Kamera_Eingang_Image1'.


2023-11-28 15:38:45.340 [WARN ] [rnal.defaultscope.ScriptBusEventImpl] - State 'Kamera_Eingang_Image (Type=ImageItem, State=raw type (image/jpeg): 229071 bytes, Label=Kamera Eingang Image, Category=Camera, Tags=[Point], Groups=[Kamera_Eingang])' cannot be parsed for item 'Kamera_Eingang_Image1'.




resulting in

2023-11-28 15:47:20.157 [WARN ] [rnal.defaultscope.ScriptBusEventImpl] - State 'raw type (image/jpeg): 228723 bytes' cannot be parsed for item 'Kamera_Eingang_Image1'.

Can someone give me a hint?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Or maybe someone can share a DSL script to copy the content of a image item to another image item? Didn’t really find something here or on google…

In the end i managed to copy image items to another image item usind a DSL script:

logInfo("org.openhab","Kamera Bilder aktualisiert")

and running this script in a blockly rule.