Copy of dashboard

I would like to reuse the layout of a already configured dashboard. Is it possible to copy a dashboard?

There’s no easy way to do it but you could try this:
Go to the panel settings from the main menu in edit mode (or the gears icon in the drawer) and click on “Edit the local panel configuration (experts only)”

Then you’ll have to copy-paste your dashboard’s JSON. The dashboard is one of the objects in the “dashboards” array i.e.:

    "dashboards": [
            (this is a dashboard)
            (this is another dashboard)
    "settings": { ... },
    "customwidgets": { ... }

So you’d want to add your dashboard to the array, be careful with the commas between objects.
Also remove the $$hashKey property so you don’t have it twice in your array.
I’d advise you to copy the whole thing in a text editor beforehand so that you could restore it if you mess it up.
When you’re done click on Save.

Click on the dashboard settings, scroll down to the bottom, click panel settings, scroll to the bottom and click on Save this to the another panel.
That gives you a new starting point.