Copying ZWave XML's between systems?

Hi All

I staged a system with 10 Zwave devices and need to copy the XML’s over because the zwave switches are not online, yet.

Can I copy them from the old system? This would allow the channels to be populated and I can do some more configuration.


Yes, this should be fine.

What about the network ID in the filename? Would that need to be edited if the network IDs are different?

I assumed that the same stick etc was just being moved from one computer to another. If that assumption is wrong, then it won’t work as a) the network id will be wrong, but also the node ids will change if the devices are being re-included into a new stick.

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Hi Mark I can edit those files. Where is the network id found in the new system?

If you have a new system, with a new stick and a new network, then you cannot copy over the files. Sorry for the confusion - I misunderstood your original question.


The stick, same stick, was setup on an old system. It was paired with all the Nodes.

I moved the stick to a new system, all the nodes were added in the UI. Issue is the XML’s arent present so it doesnt know what type of devices they are.


Ok, so this is what I originally thought then. It should be no problem to copy over the files. There will be no change in network id so there should be no need to change anything.

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Great! This is what I suspected. Ill copy them over and give it a reboot. I would then assume the UI would display all the node information then.

Hi Chris

I copied over the old XMLs . They still show unknown. Do I need to delete all the things and readd them once the right XMLs are there?

I would have thought that restarting the binding, or alternatively doing a discovery should make everything pick up again.

I shall stop the binding, delete the XMLs. Copy the XMLs back over and do a discovery