Core HABpanel hardware recommendations

Hello everyone,
newcomer so please be patient.
I have looked around but I could not find info on this topic - what are the core hardware recommendations for a HABpanel hardware, given by someone who has gone through the installation/setup process?

inputs to restrict the fields:

  • OH 3
  • looking for barebone hw with good performance - not interested in branding but available to spend if technical specs justify. I usually buy over Aliexpress, just to be clearer
  • competences in electronics sufficient to handle charging /custom charging circuits etc. from PCB level up. no problemo
  • I am thinking of two kind of devices, one about 10"ish (main interface) and one 3-4"ish (local room reduced/barebone interface)
  • I will be probably be running the system in the long run on a Raspberry pi4 4GB, panel will be connected via wifi. For the time being, I am developing on Win. Don’t like IOS to get in the way in any form.

Any advice will help

Take a look at this for the small displays.

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That’s a huge jumpstart! Thank you so much!!
For readers, Nextion displays

Also I use this for the backbone of most of my nodes.

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For the 10" I use

and the openhab app on budget 10" android tablets

thanks - still need to understand this - I was thinking of using habpanel, sooner or later I’ll understand the advantage of using this (wallpanel) - can you pls advise your view?

For me its that wallpanel pushes mqtt topics of the tablet sensors and does video motion detection and wakes the tablet up. So you get presence detection from the camera, also if you use the webpage viewer in wallpanel you can use mqtt to switch pages. I have one that shows the traffic cam in the morning and a weex weather page at other times.

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