Correct procedure to add my new binding to OH2 GitHub?

I have just developed a new v2 binding (see below). Currently it is hosted on my own Git Repo. But I would like to add it to the OH Repo, probably initially as a fork on your Repo(??) so it can be pulled into the main distribution when you are ready. Is there some instruction about how I should do this, in order to simplify the pull process on your side?

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If your git repo is a clone of the OH2-addons repo, it’s doable.

  1. On github you need to have a fork of the addons2 repo as well.
  2. Add “github” as an alternative remote: git remote add github ...your..github..repo
  3. Rebase to the current master in a first step: git pull -r github master
  4. Push your changes: git push github (it helps if you do not use the master branch for your changes)
  5. Go to the addons2 repo on github. Github will show you a note, asking if you want to create a pull request. (It will only do so if your changes are not in the master branch though).

Does that already helps?

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Many thanks David.

Done! Many thanks David.

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Can someone please help me concerning the “Traffic Lights” on my two pull requests #5688 & #5739 on GitHub. When I view the requests they show four such lights (see below) – one green, one amber, and two red. My question is whether I am supposed to do something about the red and amber ones (??) or if somebody else will fix them? (When I click on the the links behind these traffic lights, the descriptions seem to be written in Ancient Mesopotamian or suchlike, and frankly I have no clue what they mean, or what needs to be done :stuck_out_tongue: )

Please stop requesting code review from every person on the list.

Sorry for that. I just updated my fork from the OH upstream master, and it seems to have automatically asked for reviews fir my PR from all the people involved in other PR changes between when my firk was created (June) and now. I think this is a GitHub bug since I did not request this myself.

Looks like you did a merge rather than a rebase, so it pushed everyone’s commits since June and sent out notifications. You’re going to need to rebase, which gets complicated if you have a number of commits mixed in with a bunch of others. In Eclipse, select rebase interactive and open the interactive rebase view, then move your commits to the top.

Ok. Understood. Thanks @5iver for the advice. I will follow your suggestions.