Correct setup for karaf history with manual install?

Using a manual installation of OH3 on Arch Linux I’m getting

16:41:19.499 [WARN ] [org.jline ] - Failed to save history
java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /home/openhab

I see a number of older hits on this issue but the recommended solution is not clear to me. Most seem to hint that the home directory needs to be set for the openhab user (example: Karaf "Failed to save history" WARN on ssh logout, how to change history file ).
However, the manual installation instructions at openHAB on Linux | openHAB specifically say to use --no-create-home.
The posts I read seem to suggest that package repository based installs use a home directory. Is the issue here that the --no-create-home recommendation in the install is incorrect (and if so, what is the recommended home directory for a manual install?) or is there another recommended solution?

Your karaf itself works ?
What is the path of the history-file ?
You can get it with this command executed from within karaf:

env|grep hist

You may override it by adding an entry in $OPENHAB_USERDATA/etc/


Thanks Wolfgang. Karaf works and I understand there are a couple of different solutions (create the home directory, set karaf.history, …). My question was more around the recommended solution as the package based installs seems to rely on the home directory while the manual instructions specifically state not to create a home directory.
Bottom line is that the current documented instructions seem to lead to this issue, so the ultimate goal is to get to clearer instructions.

Sorry, forgot:

openhab> env|grep hist
UnixPath history-file /home/openhab/.karaf/karaf41.history