Correct state of smoke and heat sensor


I’m using the Fibaro FGSD002 Smoke Detector. What is the normal state of the heat and smoke sensor? When I use karaf check this the value “Null” is displayed. I expected Off.
The channels are all connected to the items.

Thanke for hints.

Heat and smoke sensors are both SWITCH type items. So OFF is the standard value.

And that’s also what I get in Karaf:

It’s NULL after restart as long as no update was performed. For a battery operated device this should be as long as the wakeup period is defined.
So if your device “wakes up” for the first time (could be minutes, could be hours, depending on the device), the value will change: if you don’t have a fire, then it should be OFF :slight_smile:

Hours after the last restart of my system the state is still NULL. The switch item is connected to the channel. Other items like temperature or battery are still working fine. Their states are correct and new values are send as expected. Any suggestions whats missing for my fire and heat item?

These items use ZWave notifications - if the notification isn’t sent, then they won’t be updated. If you start a small fire, it should update ;).

I’ll take a look to see if we can request the state of these values - some devices allow it, others don’t.

Any news about my problem? The state is still NULL


As I said earlier - unless you have an alarm, it will not update. The alarms are sent as notifications.

Smoke a pack of cigarettes or buy fire test spray :slight_smile::slight_smile: