Correct Steps Fresh install RPI4

I just wanted to get sure, to do the correct steps right from the beginning:

  1. Install like described here: section other Linux Systems because the Image doesn´t install anything

  2. Install Testing and all other stuff

  3. Enabled ZRAM

  4. Move the SD to USB-SSD like described here:,39782.html

Did I forget something or any tips?

Is there an “easy” tutorial for Amanda? I just wanted to do a weekly complete backup on an external HDD. The SSD is about 240GB and I want a compressed Image of it.

How do I Shutdown or Reboot the PI correct to save the data from ZRAM? I will move all log files and the openHAB persistence files to RAM.

Thank you very much for your help!

No need for zram if you are running on an ssd. This will Only add complexity without any real benefits.

What do you mean “the image doesn’t install anything” ? Of course it does. It works for a RPi4.
If you choose to install manually, you are on your own.

What’s wrong with the included docs ?

I don´t know why, but now it worked. Perhaps I should use another SD - Card. On this OH was running for about 2 years.

The amanda docs are not wrong but a little bit heavy. But of course I will try after my clean install is finished.

So if I move the system to SSD no ZRAM is needed? I thought it would also be good for the SSD -Lifetime?

If you move to an ssd, the sd card will only be used for boot.

Is 343 years enough?

Yes it helps SSD lifespan but today’s SSDs are longlife already. It’s little benefit to use zram if you have an SSD. Or maybe just do it for /var/log (edit /etc/ztab to define).