Cors problem

I installed openhab3 on my PI 4 today. Before that I had the last 2.5 version running successfully.

Now when addressing the rest endpoints via my Angular application I get the “Cors problem” again.
I had that back then with the 2.5 openHab version.

However, it could be fixed there by simply adding the following line to runtime.cfg.


With openhab3 I just tried that too. Unfortunately without success. Is there already a solution to address the rest endpoints from another domain?

Access to resource at 'http://192.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080/rest/events?topics=smarthome/items' from origin 'http://localhost:8100' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

No idea if the question fits here. But anyway thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Okay i found the answer.

Just copy this org.openhab.cors:enable=true
in the runtime.cfg file.